What’s Happening at the Club


Current activities list – Whyalla Golf Club -1/2/24
  • All non-functioning equipment from workshop has been sold and removed. shed now much tidier/safer workspace
  • All doors in clubhouse are now fire compliant
  • Investigation and quotes ongoing for protection of the straw ceiling in upper clubhouse (att. Board)
  • Fire fighting equipment/water supply compliance in negotiation with SA Water/Council/Consultant (att. Board)
  • Front entrance sign to be repainted in next couple of weeks (kindly donated by Kings Signs) (in hand).
  • Large shrubs at the sign to be tidied up and all dropped foliage removed (in hand)
  • Council will supply additional mulch for behind the sign and for other use, should be delivered over coming days.
  • Investigating further options for Club House painting
  • Additional sand bins being donated so we can standardise across the course, rather than have all shapes and sizes, spillage of sand around all bins needs to be cleaned up.
  • Current non-functioning mower (hydraulic issues) being assessed by local company
  • Russell Bambridge is now looking after our web site so any additions/changes please direct to him russbamb@internode.on.net
  • Martin Liffner has assumed the role of President of WGC
  • Eleanor, Martin’s wife, will assume the role of Treasurer as Jim Barrett gets to enjoy his “retirement”… Eleanor comes with vast experience in finance and administration.
  • Anthony Manfield is bringing all of our security systems up to date in accordance with what is stipulated in our insurance policies.

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