IMPORTANT Message from Match Committee

The match committee have been looking at the 13th green and we will be closing the green for repairs.  This is expected to be for 2 to 3 weeks.

In the interim there will be a temporary green in front of the existing 13th green.

The rules of play will be as follows;

  • A 2 putt rule applies i.e. once you are on the green you have a putt and if you miss you pick the ball up and add 1 shot. E.g. if you are on the green for 2 and putt and miss.  Pick the ball up and take a 4 on the hole.
  • The existing 13th green will be a GUR and a drop must be taken (not optional).
  • Notices will be placed around the clubhouse if there are any questions contact the match committee.


The Match Committee

3 thoughts on “IMPORTANT Message from Match Committee

  1. If you make changes to local rules. Please update web page & also place rule changes on local rule board.

    1. Hi Cliff, the ruling has now been changed/corrected on the site. Official notification of this change was given this evening (Sat June 1st 4:30pm). We are sorry for any inconvenience.

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