General Club Rules


In consideration of others, members are requested to strictly observe the parking etiquette. Cars should be carefully parked in such a manner as to enable the greatest number of cars to be accommodated and allow space for easy exit by all. Please refrain from parking in front of the Clubrooms and the reserved parking areas for Committee and Staff.


Members are reminded that our liquor licence does not permit persons under 18 years of age to be served alcoholic beverages from the bar area. Under the licence, bottles may be taken from the premises.


Persons desirous of joining the Whyalla Golf Club must be nominated by two ordinary Members and forward a formal application, together with the appropriate entrance and subscription fees, to the Secretary. In the case of persons being under the age of 18 years, the date of birth must also be shown.


Guidelines for use of this Member benefit:

  • Guest MUST be signed in and accompanied on the course by a member.
  • Guest rate is ONLY available to Whyalla Visitors (non-resident).

(Proof of Guest’s usual place of residence will be required).

  • Guest green fee will be discounted to $20 for 18 holes and $10 for 9 holes.

(These fees are subject to change in line with normal green fee rate changes).

  • A Guest may only claim the discount rate a MAXIMUM of 3 times in any year.

Visiting full Members from other Golf Clubs, on payment of the competition fee of the day, may participate in an organised Club competition.

Visitors are ineligible to win Major Closed Event Club Trophies. Unless from a reciprocal club, where green fees are waived, then green fees must still be paid at all other times on a per round basis.


Official Handicaps
Initially to gain a handicap a player must be a financial member and shall submit three (3) individual score cards (18 or 9 hole) marked by and signed by a club member.

Any card submitted by a player must include name, member number, date and signature of both the player and marker.

Handicaps are maintained by GolfSA through GolfLink. The Whyalla Golf Club integrates with GolfLink through its OneGolf system. When a player is allocated a new handicap they will receive a GolfLink card in the mail which can be used at most clubs within Australia.

The maximum official handicap for men is 36.4 and for women is 45.4. 


The Whyalla Golf Club utilises the OneGolf web based computer system to manage all aspects of golf competitions.

All members can log onto the system from any computer by using their member number and password. The system can be accessed from the Whyalla Golf Club Home page or by going directly to

Members can use the system to update their personal details, book into competitions, review previous competition results, and check their handicap history.

Members must book into a competition (selecting a suitable timeslot) using the system prior to teeing off in that competition. At least 10 minutes prior to their tee time members should report to the club house to pay their competition fee. At this time they will be registered for the competition and their score card printed out. At the end of the round, members must return their signed score card to the club house. The match committee is responsible for ensuring the scores are entered into the system. As scores are entered, progressive results are displayed on the competition screen in the lounge bar.

Once the competition is closed and prizes awarded, the results of the competition can be viewed from the system.


The Club Handicapper is responsible for official club handicaps only and any player wishing to have a playing handicap for non official competitions must contact the promoter of the relevant competition.


The designated Practice Fairway, Putting Green in front of the Clubhouse, the Chipping Green and bunkers adjacent to the 10th tee, are meant for that purpose only. All practice play must be carried out in these nominated areas. Course bunkers are NOT practice areas. On the course proper, a player is not permitted to play more than two balls at any one time during any part of or complete round of golf.


On competition days included in the Programme, competitors have priority on the course. Any member or visitor not taking part in this competition can only play when or where directed by the Starter.

Course Closed for Major Events – (Please refer to Programme)

Members NOT participating in SATURDAY competitions must complete their round by noon, or commence their round after 3.30 p.m. or as directed by the Starter.

Cutting in on competition players on any tee, unless officially directed to do so by the Starter is strictly forbidden.

On Tuesdays and Thursdays (Summer & Winter) from 7.30 a.m. to 11.30 a.m. Women Members have the privilege of the course. Members and others may play as directed by the Starter but must give right of way to competition players.

Local Rules

Preferred Lie

A ball on the fairway or fairway furrow of the hole being played, may be placed on the fairway within one grip length, but not nearer the hole. The ball may be cleaned when taking a preferred lie.

A ball lying on a dirt patch on the fairway being played, may be dropped within one club length of the bare patch, but not nearer the hole, with no penalty. The ball may then be placed on the fairway within one grip length from where it comes to rest, but not nearer the hole.

The ball is in play when a preferred lie has been taken and cannot be placed a second time.

Immovable Obstructions

Relief can be taken from all immovable obstructions which include: Course seats, watering equipment, fairway markers, signs, power poles, crushed gravel pathways and staked trees. Relief MUST be taken from staked trees. Stakes defining out-of-bounds are not obstructions
Power Lines

A ball striking overhead power lines and or poles MUST BE REPLAYED without penalty. That ball then becomes the ball in play.

Paths, Course Roadway and Out-of-Bounds

All internal roadways and pathways (other than paths consisting of crushed gravel, where relief is afforded without penalty) on the course, are an integral part of the course and a ball lying on these must be played as it lies. Out-of-Bounds on the right hand side of holes: 6, 10 and 11 are marked with white stakes.

Chipping from any Putting Surface

Chipping from any putting surface is NOT permitted. A dropping zone is designated for relief from the practice putting green in front of the Clubhouse.

Playing Groups

The maximum number of players in any group, at any time, is 4, except at the discretion of the Starter for club organised events.

GPS Rule

The use of Golf GPS and Range Finders, that measure distance only, are permitted in any Competition round.