Dress Code

maleTfemalehe Clubhouse facilities are provided for the enjoyment of all members.  Members and visitors are requested to dress in a neat and tidy manner at all times.






DRESS REGULATIONS – The following guidelines apply

SHIRTS:Must have no offensive slogans or motifs. Approved golf apparel accepted. Singlets are not permitted
SHORTS:Football  sport surf/beach type shorts are not permitted.
SHOES:On the golf course: Golf shoes or other suitable appropriate shoes must be worn. In the club house: Neat and Tidy footwear including sandals may be worn without socks. NO hats are to be worn in the bar/clubroom area. Members are requested not to wear soiled or dirty foot-ware in the Clubrooms.
SLACKS:Must be suitably tailored. Tracksuit pants are not permitted.
SOCKS:Football type socks are not allowed with shorts.
LADIES:Ladies may wear slacks or Bermuda type shorts and approved golf apparel on the course and in the clubroom. Singlets are not permitted.

At all times common sense must apply to the dress regulations.

Clean, neat casual attire is essential!

Match Committee Feb 2016