Competition Rules



Non Championship Events:
Saturday 18 Hole Entry Fee$6.00Plus Maintenance Fee:$5.00
Sunday 18 Hole Entry Fee$4.00Plus Maintenance Fee:$5.00
9 Hole Entry Fee$3.00Plus Maintenance Fee:$3.00
Match Play RoundsEach competitor pays 18 hole Maintenance Fee:$5.00



Trophy for each grade winner – A, B & C.


Distributed in the ratio of one (1) ball for every four (4) players.


One (1) ball for every ten (10) players.



Unsponsored 18 hole events will be ball competitions only.
Ball vouchers will be issued according to the number of starters in the following ratios:

Starters:Grade Winners:Runner Up:Ball Winners:
50+6 Balls3 Balls1 in 4
40-495 Balls3 Balls1 in 4
30-393 Balls1 Balls1 in 4
20-292 Balls1 Balls1 in 4
10-192 Balls1 Balls1 in 4
4-92 Balls

Balls vouchers not collected within 6 months will be forfeited

Ball vouchers may be exchanged for balls or used for purchase of merchandise or goods to the value of $3 per Ball voucher. These vouchers cannot be used to pay membership or other fees or hire of carts or equipment. No change will be given from voucher purchases and they are not transferable.

Cash Vouchers – $10, $20, $25 and $30 – can be spent in the Golf shop, Bar or on Competition fees and Membership.


At the discretion of the Match Committee.


A Grade    0-12         B Grade    13-19     C Grade    20+


All competitions are conducted in accordance with the Rules of Golf and current Whyalla Golf Club Local Rules.

Watch your notice board for alterations and additions to Local Rules.  It is the player’s responsibility to acquaint themselves with these rules.  Any dispute claiming ignorance of these rules will not be considered.   All Members should at all times familiarise themselves with all Notice Boards within the Club.

Competitions are as set out in the Programme.  The Match Committee reserves the right to vary the Programme as necessary.

Players must have paid the competition fee to the Starter prior to tee off.  Early starters are to book into the appropriate time slot prior to tee off.

Organised competitions are played in groups of four unless otherwise stated in the Programme.  The Starter has the right to permit groups of two or three at the rear of the field.   The Starter may at their discretion alter the composition of any playing groups or start groups from different tees to maximise the players in the particular competition or on the course.

Juniors with senior handicaps may play in Club competitions providing no more than two (2) play in each group and their cards are marked by a full member.

All complaints and suggestions should be placed before the Match Committee in writing.

golf_sunsetCompetition Times

All competitors must register on OneGolf to allocate a time on the computerised time sheet. Registered times will be strictly adhered to and no competitor will be allowed to commence after 12.48 p.m. Any player unable to keep their booking should remove themselves from the time sheet or advise the Starter on 86459109 to enable created vacancies to be filled. Failure to comply may incur the loss of playing privileges for the following weekend. When all starting times are allocated, the competition of that day is closed. Players must report to the Starter at least ten minutes prior to their listed hit-off time to retain the starting time and MUST BE ON THE TEE ready to hit off at their appointed time.

Starting Times: (Unless otherwise stated in Handbook)

Saturday Competition:6.30 a.m. –  9.00 a.m.
11.00 a.m. – 12.24 p.m.
Sunday Competition:8.30 am - 12.30 p.m.
Wednesday Competition:8.00 a.m. & 1.00 p.m.
Friday Competition:9.00 a.m.


The Whyalla Golf Club is currently building a junior golf coaching program to foster junior golf and new membership. A volunteer group coordinates the training programme. Anyone interested in this programme be they junior, parent, guardian or member interested in assisting, contact Allan Slater on 86452029 or 0407978454 .
Junior coaching sessions are held on Sunday mornings at 9.00 am.


Players should check their handicap on GolfLink before commencing play. It is the Player’s responsibility to sign and return their own score cards for both at home and away competitions. ALL score cards are to be handed in at the completion of each competition round.

Handicap Match Play: In any event where the winner is decided by Match Play, players will play off handicaps current on the day of play in each particular round.

Handicap Match Play:

The number of strokes awarded in this competition is the difference between the players’ stroke handicaps. Where there is more than 18 strokes difference between players’ handicaps, players shall receive 2 strokes per hole where applicable. When additional holes are required to determine the winner, strokes are awarded as in the original round. Match play scores are not used for handicapping.

Course Record:

Scores recorded for course records will only be recognised during stroke rounds when markers and pins are set not less than the official distance of each hole.


Players are required to ensure their name, date, and handicap (and GolfLink number for visitors) are legibly recorded on their score card. Players are responsible for checking their own score on each hole. Players are to ensure that the Marker has signed the card and that the player has countersigned the card.

The Match Committee will only accept cards which have been returned in a reasonable time prior to the competition being closed off. All cards must be returned for handicap purposes.

Care of the Course:

Players are reminded that someone is playing behind you THEREFORE please leave the greens upon holing the putt and replace flags such that their supporting fixtures are well below the level of the putting surface.

Do not remove or alter the position of any fairway or tee markers. Replace divots on fairways or fill from sand buckets (which all responsible golfers carry at all times). A bucket applied on each hole by ALL players will soon improve the fairways.

In taking practice swings, players should avoid causing damage to the course, particularly the tees by removing unnecessary divots. Repair ALL pitch marks on the greens.

Practice Area:

Members may practice from defined areas only or such areas allocated by the Match Committee. The lawns surrounding the Clubhouse are not a practice area.

Putting only is permitted on the practice putting green in front of the Clubhouse.

Replace divots around the chipping green located adjacent to the 10th tee and repair pitch marks on the practice green for the benefit of all Members.

Four Ball Best Ball (4BBB) v Par:

Two players play as partners, each taking strokes at holes according to their individual handicaps as in an ordinary Par competition. If one partner wins a hole and the other halves it, only the win is counted. Plus, half and minus scores added at the end of round and recorded as in ordinary Par competition.

Cards must be marked with the scores of each player in separate columns headed by the initials of the player. (If the scores are mixed, it is almost impossible to check the card and the players will be disqualified).

Mixed Medley:

Men and Women members play on the course at the same time but compete in separate competitions. Playing groups may consist solely of Men or Women, or be a mixed group.

Four Ball Best Ball v Stableford:

Played in exactly the same manner as for 4BBB v Par above, except that the better ball of the partnership will be credited with points instead of plus, half or minus.

Stroke Ambrose:

Played in teams usually consisting of four players. All players drive, select the best ball and all players play from that position (placed within one club length not nearer the hole if on the fairway of the hole in play). If the selected ball is not on the fairway in play, that ball must be played from where it lies. Other balls to be played must be dropped within one club length of the selected ball not nearer the hole in play. The above procedure repeated on all shots throughout the round – putting green excepted, where the ball shall be placed as near as possible to exact spot. Caution should be exercised whilst putting not to “tap in” a putt that has narrowly missed the hole, as once the ball is holed, that score should be recorded on the score card. (Highest handicap player is to play first at all times unless otherwise instructed. The selection of a minimum numbers of drives from each player may be required for some Ambrose events).

Flag Competition:

All players play an 18 hole Stroke round. Each player is allocated a number of strokes equal to 72 plus handicap. If after the completion of 18 holes there are strokes remaining, proceed down the first fairway until all strokes have been played. First player with strokes remaining takes the flag and plants it where ball came to rest at the completion of last stroke. If the ball finishes in the rough, flag then placed on fairway not nearer the hole. Following players who have not finished, take flag and replant it when finished. Winner is the player proceeding the longest distance from the first tee and closest to the hole in play if the ball is not holed.

Pinehurst Foursomes:

Play each other’s drive, then select one ball to complete the hole.

Bisque – Par:

Play as a normal Par competition. At the conclusion of each hole, players can elect to apply any number of their normal handicap strokes to the hole just played.

Teams – Combined Net:

Play as for a normal individual round. The Match Committee will conduct a draw after all players are on the course to determine partners.