Major course watering issues – Further Udate III

Due to hot weather course will continue to be closed on Friday Dec 28th.


(Dec 24th 5:00pm):

Dave Carpenter along with volunteers has put in another solid day and at this stage the system seems to be functioning as it should (fingers crossed!). However, it has been decided to close the back 9 holes until we have had a chance to apply maximum water and repair as much as possible any recent damage. We will advise when this 9 will be open again.

The course will be closed on Xmas Day, and with a forecast in excess of 40° for Thursday the course will again be closed all day, Women’s comp has been canceled and the Shop will be closed.  Dave will try to get as much water on the fairways as possible so the greens can be done at night. We apologise for any inconvenience, however under the circumstances the welfare of players and the course, is our priority.

Today (Dec 24th 7:30am):

Still having problems with water supply!   Staff and volunteers working on it but still urgent that volunteers who offered to hand water continue over next hot days. We appreciate the difficulty of this at this time of the year but also appreciate all the help we can get – Thanks.

Today (Dec 23rd):

We are pleased to advise that both pumps are now operational. However, continuation of the hand watering regime is still necessary to hasten repair suffered during last week. This week’s hot weather and wind will also impact the repair/regeneration process.

We thank those volunteers assisting during this crucial time.


Earlier this week:

This week (18th-22nd of Dec) the club had experienced a number of major issues with motors and pumps, as well as electrical failures, effecting the watering of the course. Course maintenance staff and volunteers have worked throughout the week, including several nights, to repair the system.

The current situation is that we have one pump to service the course and would have had two had one not failed today (Sat Dec 22).

For the immediate future we will be watering GREENS ONLY.

At present greens 10 to 16 inclusive are in jeopardy, so I would ask that apart from nightly watering, those greens be hand watered during the day. We have enough volunteers to do this over the next week, by which time it is hoped that we will have the second pump operational. We will not be watering fairways for a few days.

Please bear with us while we work through these issues.

Noel Goldsworthy

We also take this opportunity to wish you all a Safe and Joyful Christmas

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