Course renovations progressing.

Temporary closure of the front 9 holes over the last few weeks has enabled much needed renovation and repair of several ‘hot spots’ identified by the course management group.

Dave Tilly (in Gary’s absence – due to injury) has worked long and bloody hard (for an old bloke) over these past few weeks.  Dave wishes to thank the 6-8 volunteers, particularly Pete Scheide and his mate Dave, who have given their time and energy to help with the work. More work is still to be done but with a few areas netted off, it is hoped the 9 holes will be open again in 2-3 weeks.

In the mean time there is a great opportunity to hone your skills with double rounds on our more challenging back 9. Last week I shaved four stokes off the second time around (even in the rain and hail!)

PS If you look carefully at the attached image you can see the new shoots on the repairs on the 5th.

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