Bennett Oval Master Plan – Consultation

From: Alberto Salatino
Sent: Tuesday, 7 November 2017 3:05 PM
Subject: Community Consultation for Bennett Oval Master Plan.

Hello all.

The City of Whyalla recognises the importance and role of the Bennett Oval in the sporting, recreational and cultural identity of the community. It also recognises the area as a key parcel of open space and in conjunction with the Whyalla Football Association and the Whyalla Cricket Association, is developing on a master plan to create a vision for the site as the premier events space in Whyalla which will also cater for structured sport and recreation outside of this use.

The draft of the plan has been adopted by Council to be sent out for public consultation. Council is now keen to hear your views regarding the master plan. Attached is the draft plan for Bennett Oval and drawings for the building. The survey can be accessed from this link and hard copies can be found at the front counter at the Council Offices and the Whyalla Public Library. Feedback is open until 5pm Friday 1st December 2017.

I have also attached some Virtual Reality concepts of the facility which can be found at these links.

Two PDF files are available. Because of file size, only the smaller one has been included below. If you would like more information (including the PDF with detailed costings), contact Alberto

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